Understanding Stemness and Neural Differentiation

Regulation of Autophagy and Lysosomal Signaling in Human Brain Cells


Modelling Alzheimer Disease and Neurodegeneration In a Dish

Postdocs and Ph.D. Students: JOIN US!!

Understanding the integration of metabolism and cellular signaling in the onset of Alzheimer disease and cancer.

Aging cells change their metabolic rates, vesicular trafficking and signaling – all of these factors contribute to the onset and progression of human diseases, such as Alzheimer’s or cancer.

We use mouse models and cellular reprogramming techniques to model human diseases in a cell culture dish. We generate iPSC-derived or fibroblast-derived human neurons to study metabolic control of stemness, differentiation, proliferation and degeneration.

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Ph.D. students and postdocs – JOIN US!  Please read on our RESEARCH and email your application!

November 2019 – Talk at the 9th International Symposium on Autophagy, Taipei, Taiwan

October 2019 – Alzheimer’s, Related Disorders and Autophagy, New York City, NY, Host: Dr. Christian Behl & Ralph Nixon

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